Ryan Bensussan Harvey

Ryan Bensussan Harvey

Coder, Datahead, PM, Wonk, Dad.

Greater New Orleans Area, LA, USA
English (US) [Native], Japanese [Basic]

Who are you?

Who are you? Summary

I'm a fun-loving geek who is driven to create useful things (mostly with code) almost as much as I am called to teach others how to do it themselves. I enjoy diving into data and have been known to get lost in SQL at times. I'm passionate about clean, purposeful interfaces and joyous user experiences. I read lots of books, but never seem to get through my reading list. I'm a happy husband and father of two.
What have you done?

What have you done? Experience

  • Data EngineerTED

    Aug 2016 - Present 10 months

    In this position in the Analytics vertical of the Technology Team, I build data processing pipelines and data products for TED's web presences and for the organization's internal tools and reporting. I spend most of my time in R, Shiny, SQL, Ruby or Docker, and occasionally work with bash, Go or Groovy. Recently, I've been working on a user-personalized recommendations API.

  • Research Associate (Pro Bono)Loyola University New Orleans

    Dec 2016 - Present 7 months

    In this volunteer position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, I assist with computer science curriculum development, project ideas, community partnerships, and research.

  • Co-Organizer & Chief Data WranglerCode for New Orleans

    Oct 2016 - Present 9 months

    I help organize the New Orleans brigade of Code for America, where we try to create solutions to the problems we see in the city and make life better for New Orleanians.

  • Research AffiliateUniversity of Maryland

    Sep 2014 - Present 2 years 10 months

    I am a research affiliate in the Norbert Wiener Center for Harmonic Analysis and Applications, housed in the Department of Mathematics. I occasionally collaborated with NWC staff on research in applications of harmonic analysis, mostly in the areas of machine learning, signal processing, and dimensionality reduction.

  • Data Scientist & Software ArchitectKitchology Inc.

    Jun 2013 - Present 4 years 1 month

    As part of the tech team at this small startup, I develop machine learning and data analysis algorithms for food and recipe science. I also wear any other hat needed, from server and database management to launch planning to business process and software architecture.

  • IT Project ManagerExecutive Office of the President

    Apr 2012 - Aug 2016 4 years 4 months

    In the Budget Systems Branch of the Office of Management and Budget, I was responsible for the development of our data collection platforms, including a next generation data collection platform composed of Java EE-based micro-services, that facilitate government-wide data collections and enable the development and publication of the President's Budget. I made sure our 180,000+ users were happy and ensured that all the must-have features were complete within the impossible timelines allocated. I was also responsible for our UX design team, delivering style guidance, prototypes and coded front-end solutions across many of our 50+ web applications. In addition, I managed a few other web apps, wrote lots of SQL, and improved our development and project management tools and processes.

  • Board Member & Co-Organizer of Data Wranglers DCData Community DC

    Jan 2016 - Sep 2016 8 months

    I co-organize the Data Wranglers DC meetup, a group offering monthly talks and discussions on various topics related to data wrangling, munging, preprocessing, reformatting, cleaning, pivoting, and more. I also serve on the Board of the organization, participating in a variety of Data Community DC-wide projects.

  • Hardy-Apfel IT Fellow (Computer Scientist)Social Security Administration

    Mar 2009 - Mar 2012 3 years

    In this rotational leadership development program, I impacted each major program the agency runs. I led a research effort on health IT to improve disability claims processing, facilitated the development of the agency's strategic plan, developed communications for the agency CIO, led several web-based communications and full-stack development efforts in the Office of Open Government, and architected and wrote software to model effects of retirement program policy for the Office of Policy Analysis.

  • DSP Analyst & Software EngineerBAE Systems

    May 2006 - Feb 2009 2 years 9 months

    In the Sensor Systems division's Advanced Technologies group, I developed software and associated mathematics and algorithms for DARPA-funded research projects using such technologies as VLF controlled-source EM sensing, tomography, compressed sensing, GPS tracking, and noise reduction.

  • Graduate AssistantUniversity of Maryland, Office of IT

    Jun 2004 - May 2006 1 year 11 months

    In the Office of Learning Technologies, I wrote and installed software and built platforms to enable the use of collaborative learning tools in courses. In addition, I taught classes on programming in MATLAB to undergraduate and graduate students from across the university.

What can you do?

What can you do? Skills

  • Data Science
    Data Analysis SQL R Python Matlab Databases Data Cleaning Data Transformation Applied Mathematics Machine Learning Statistical Signal Processing Numerical Computing Statistical Computing Data Visualization Information Visualization Signal Processing
  • Software Engineering
    Web Applications Web Development Software Development Databases
  • Web Development
    HTML CSS JavaScript Ruby on Rails PHP Web Components Polymer Web Design Web Analytics Web Content Management Web 2.0 Web Accessibility
  • Back-end Software Development
    Python Java SQL Ruby Databases Software Architecture Software Design Microservices Web APIs C++ C Mac OS X Linux Windows Data Integration ETL
  • Business, Government and Project Management
    Agile Project Management Agile Methodologies Information Technology Management Data Analysis Management Public Speaking Strategic Planning Visioning Writing Technical Writing Presentation Development Public Sector Federal Government Federal Budget Open Government Initiative Open Data Federal Records Management Microsoft Office Adobe Creative Suite
  • Design
    Iterative Design User-centered Design Information Design Information Architecture Prototyping Web Design Information Visualization Accessible Design
What have you learned?

What have you learned? Education

  • Mastering Software Development in R Specialization

    Data Engineering

    Johns Hopkins University on Coursera

    Oct 2016 - Present

    The R Programming Environment Advanced R Programming Building R Packages Building Data Visualization Tools Mastering Software Development in R Capstone
  • Executive Data Science Specialization

    Data Science Management

    Johns Hopkins University on Coursera

    Sep 2015 - Mar 2016

    A Crash Course in Data Science Building a Data Science Team Managing Data Analysis Data Science in Real Life Executive Data Science Capstone
  • Doctor of Philosophy (candidate, all but dissertation)

    Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Scientific Computing

    University of Maryland at College Park

    Aug 2007 - Jun 2014

    AMSC898 Pre-dissertation Research AMSC899 Dissertation Research
  • Master of Science

    Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

    University of Maryland at College Park

    Aug 2003 - Dec 2007

    AMSC663 Advanced Scientific Computing I AMSC664 Advanced Scientific Computing II AMSC666 Numerical Analysis I AMSC670 Ordinary Differential Equations II BIOL646 Hearing ENEE620 Random Processes in Communications & Control MAIT679E Computational Time-Frequency Analysis MAIT699 Independent Master's Project: Stockwell Transform ENEE463 Digital Control Systems ENEE425 Digital Signal Processing AMSC452 Intro to Dynamics & Chaos AMSC466 Intro to Numerical Anaylsis I
  • Graduate Certificate

    Scientific Computing

    University of Maryland at College Park

    Aug 2003 - Jul 2007

    AMSC660 Scientific Computing I AMSC661 Scientific Computing II AMSC662 Computer Organization & Programming for Scientific Computing ENEE630 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Graduate Certificate

    Computational Harmonic Analysis

    University of Maryland at College Park

    Aug 2003 - Jul 2007

    MAIT623 Mathematical Methods for Signal Processing I MAIT624 Mathematical Methods for Signal Processing II MAIT633 Applied Fourier Analysis MAIT79F Special Topics: Frame Theory & Applications
  • Executive Education Certificate (non-credit)

    Innovation Management

    University of Maryland at College Park

    Jan 2010 - May 2010

    Strategies for Managing Innovation Negotiation Techniques Marketing in Technology-Driven Industries Innovative Product Design & Development Introduction to Finance
  • Bachelor of Science

    Mathematics and Computer Science, minor in Japanese Studies

    Loyola University New Orleans

    Aug 1997 - May 2001

    MATH-A200 Intro to Linear Algebra MATH-A204 Discrete Math Structures MATH-A257 Calculus I MATH-A258 Calculus II MATH-A270 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science MATH-A330 Theory of Numbers MATH-A340 Mathematical Probability MATH-A341 Statistical Theory & Methods MATH-A400 Abstract Algebra I MATH-A410 Advanced Calculus I MATH-A411 Advanced Calculus II MATH-A498 Research Project COSC-A210 Programming & Problem Solving COSC-A215 Fundamental Data Structures COSC-A216 Fundamentals of Software Development COSC-A270 Intro to Visual Databases COSC-A275 Languages & Processors COSC-A280 Intro to Computer Graphics COSC-A360 Operating Systems & Environments COSC-A363 Algorithms & Software Development COSC-A375 Numerical Algorithms COSC-A451 Software Engineering COSC-A470 Communication Systems & Networks COSC-A493 Data Warehousing/Data Mining JPNS-A100 Modern Japanese I JPNS-A101 Modern Japanese II JPNS-U150 Premodern Japanese Culture JPNS-V151 Culture in Early Modern Japan JPNS-A294 Japanese Animation JPNS-A300 Japanese Conversation & Composition JPNS-A494 Japanese Conversation & Composition II RELS-T122 Intro to World Religions RELS-U133 Zen I RELS-A499 Confucian Traditions PHYS-A110 Basic Physics I PHYS-A112 Physics I Lab PHYS-A111 Basic Physics II PHYS-A113 Physics II Lab PHYS-Z130 Faith, Science & Religion HIST-T122 World Civilization to 1650 HIST-T124 World Civilization from 1650 ENGL-U195 Legend of Robin Hood PHIL-T122 Intro to Philosophy PHIL-V180 Freedom & Oppression PHIL-V135 Philosophy of Right POLS-X158 Global Political Issues MUPR-M112 Cello MUPR-M118 Training Orchestra MUPR-M117 Symphony Orchestra MUEN-M100 Symphony Orchestra
What have you published?

What have you published? Talks & Papers

  • Sets, Bags, and Relational Theory: Real-World Interactions with Data ,  Loyola University New Orleans, ΠΜΕ LAΘ Chapter

    View slides online

    Given: Jan 26, 2017

    I gave a talk on sets and their extension to relational theory of databases to the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society chapter at Loyola University New Orleans.

  • A Brief Introduction to Web Components and Polymer ,  #FrontEndParty

    View slides online View materials online

    Given: Oct 27, 2016

    In this talk to the New Orleans #FrontEndParty meetup, I gave an introduction to web components and their standards, as well as an introduction to Google's Polymer Project, which makes it possible to build web component based sites and apps today. I also briefly reviewed the changes between Polymer 1.x and the 2.0 Preview, and the upgrade path provided by the Polymer team.

  • Agile - Where is the Greatest Value ,  ACT-IAC Management of Change 2015

    Given: Apr 18, 2015

    At this conference, organized by the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), I was one of three participants in a "Learning Lounge" panel discussion on agile project management methodologies and their fit and value for government technology projects.

  • JSON Processing in the Database using PostgreSQL 9.4 ,  Data Wranglers DC

    View slides online View materials online

    Given: Jan 06, 2015

    I gave a talk on getting, processing, and reshaping JSON data for use in data analysis using PostgreSQL 9.4 at the Data Wranglers DC meetup group, a member meetup of the Data Community DC (http://datacommunitydc.org). The talk gave an introduction to JSON data, the JSON data types, operators and functions available in the newly released (December 18, 2014) PostgreSQL version 9.4, as well as two examples of pulling JSON data directly from public APIs into PostgreSQL and processing them in the database into analysis style flat tables.

  • Manipulating Data in Style with SQL ,  Polyglot Programming DC

    View slides online View materials online

    Given: Oct 14, 2014

    I gave a talk on SQL to the Polyglot Programming DC meetup group. The talk gave an introduction to SQL and its use for relational databases, as well as some examples of using SQL on DataFrame data structures in R and Python.

  • SQL, the Sequel ,  Data Wranglers DC

    View slides online View materials online

    Given: Aug 06, 2014

    I gave another talk on SQL and its utility for data preprocessing and analysis tasks to Data Wranglers DC meetup group, a member meetup of the Data Community DC (http://datacommunity.org). The talk covered topics such as custom views and functions in databases (with examples using PostgreSQL), performance tuning of queries using explain and indexes, basics of relational algebra, as well as use of SQL statements to manipulate dataframe objects in R and Python.

  • Data Wrangling in SQL and Other Tools ,  Data Wranglers DC

    View slides online View materials online

    Given: Jun 04, 2014

    I gave a talk on the basics SQL and its utility for data preprocessing and analysis tasks to the Data Wrangers DC meetup group, a member meetup of the Data Community DC (http://datacommunitydc.org). The talk covered an introduction to relational data, database tools, and the SQL standard, as well as the basics of SQL select statements, common table expressions and creating views from select statements. In addition, the use of relevant libraries in R and Python to connect to data in relational databases were explained using examples with PostgreSQL, IPython notebooks, and RMarkdown.

  • Creating an API using the OMB's Public Budget Database ,  Open Analytics Summit DC

    View slides online

    Given: Mar 25, 2013

    At this summit, I gave a talk on some of the work I'd been doing on building a dataset on the OMB Public Budget Database as part my doctoral dissertation. In short, my message was "If you need an API on government data for something you're doing, build one!" I tried to provide tools and perspective on how that can be accomplished.

  • Methods of Manifold Learning for Dimension Reduction of Large Data Sets ,  University of Maryland

    View slides online

    Given: May 17, 2010

    Doctoral Candidacy Exam for the Doctor of Philosophy program in Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Scientific Computing. (I passed.)

  • A Survey of Research on the Use and Development of Physical Models and Nonlinear Dynamics for Music and Sound Synthesis ,  University of Maryland

    View paper online

    Published: May 20, 2004

    The attempt of this paper is to give an overview of previous research in the field of sound and music synthesis using physical models of musical instruments and studies of the nonlinear dynamics of those models. Models considered are limited to those instruments producing sustained tones. Chua’s circuit, and its generalization, Chua’s oscillator, are described and detailed, including many of the dynamical phenomena associated with them. Musical concepts important to the models are discussed, as well as the time-delayed Chua’s circuit and its usefulness as a candidate for a synthesizing standard. Prospects for future research are also discussed.

  • Simulation of a Multiprogramming System Using a Multiple Processor Model ,  First Southern Symposium on Computing, University of Southern Mississippi

    View paper online

    Published: Dec 04, 1996

    The field of multiple processor computer systems has experienced extensive growth in recent years. In order to operate these systems practically, an operating system or extensions must be developed to adequately handle multiple processors. In this paper, several versions of a multiprogramming multiprocessor system are simulated.

What do you enjoy

What do you enjoy? Interests

reading mystery literature coding music cello bass guitar judo Japan Japanese literature Japanese animation fantasy literature
Who can vouch for you?

Who can vouch for you? Testimonials

  • Ryan Rusnak, Apr 2017 (reported to Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan Harvey is one of the smartest guys I have ever worked with. We have white boarded and collaborated on machine learning problems, monte carlo simulations and even the application that assembles the federal budget. Just never be on the other end of an interview from him and claim you are an expert at SQL!

  • Dan Chandler, Oct 2016 (worked with Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan is without reservation the best IT Architect I have ever known. His vast knowledge of the IT industry is unparalleled and he is able to effectively apply this knowledge to effectively address the business needs of an organization. Ryan's skill, talent, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any team lucky enough to have him.

  • Alexandra Screven, Aug 2015 (mentored by Ryan at Data Wranglers DC)

    Ryan is the best mentor I could ever ask for, not only in programming through Data Wranglers, but also in general time management and prioritizing. Basically, he's the Beyonce of the data science world. Always remind yourself that you have the same amount of hours in a day as Ryan Harvey... Stop complaining and make stuff happen.

  • Alen Kirkorian, Nov 2014 (worked with Ryan at Kitchology Inc.)

    Ryan focuses on the bigger picture -- not just the bandaid. He's a great developer and manager and would be my first choise for implementing a solution that can scale from a small size to supporting an enterprise wide solution.

  • Paul Donohue, Nov 2013 (worked with Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan is an excellent project manager. His personality and enthusiasm make him a great collaborator, his drive and dedication help push projects in good directions, and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and directly apply his extensive knowledge to get the job done. He consistently amazes me with the number of different things he manages to juggle simultaneously, yet somehow he excels on all of them, and still manages to be detail-oriented.

  • Alain Briancon, Nov 2013 (managed Ryan at Kitchology Inc.)

    Ryan is a key contributor to Kitchology a Maryland based startup providing a web/mobile data platform for families with dietary needs balance between nutrition, time and money. At the core of Kitchology is a series of database and ontology library that is used for connecting consumer activities. Because the usage models of this system is not set in stone, we need to architect the platform with the right level of flexibility and foresight for both use by consumer and operation by Kitchology. This is where Ryan shines. Ryan brings a unique blend of engineering and architectural design for data-centric and algorithm-centric systems along real-life experience in deploying and operating systems. Ryan is often the voice of reason when we make decisions that solve short term problems but might create problems in the long term. He does that for analytics, debugging process, design of database, choice of encoding mechanisms, interface to wireless systems, among others. Ryan has a good insight for database complexity and architecture. He has a encycopledic knowledge of services and tools from third parties that should be used as a buy (rather than a make). Ryan has tremendous work ethics, putting long hours to help move design and redesign along. He is willing to take on the dirty non glamorous tasks on behalf of others.

  • Matthew Dantas-McCutcheon, Nov 2013 (reported to Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan is fundamentally curious, fiercely fastidious and resourceful in solving real, hard problems, managing talented teams, and building great software. He has a passion for bringing open source, big data and best-in-industry practices to bear on revolutionizing the tools that make the federal government work. His talents encompass architecting software, mentoring, translating user needs into features, and managing time and development resources to ship quality software. Besides being extremely technically capable, Ryan is genuinely kind and warm human being. He is a pleasure to work for and knows how to inspire his team and allow them to build great things. His many and diverse interests - big data, Japanese, jazz, health, and advanced mathematics to name just a few - not only make him a fascinating and delightful person to talk to, but also inform his broad curiosity for and ability to solve hard business and technical problems. I recommend Ryan strongly for the IT manager position of his choosing at the front lines of innovation in government, commercial software, or academia. He is a complete, all-around asset to any team fortunate to have him.

  • Janisa LaSalle, May 2014 (reported to Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan has a great deal of knowledge in various areas. This includes Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Database Development, Project Management and Agile Processes (and many more). This level of expertise has been very instrumental in leading a diverse IT team. Not only does it help him to appropriately delegate tasks but he also understands the estimated Level of Effort it will take to complete tasks. If needed, he has no problem writing code or database queries to help the team succeed. He is able to communicate with all members of the team and upper management by "speaking their language". It is no surprise that Ryan has a passion for education. He is always researching the latest tools as well as studying the historical trends of technology. He also encourages learning to everyone around him. He participates in various technology meet-ups and major conferences to stay ahead of the curve. He has taken on larger tasks by conducting training to colleges and upper management on Web Accessibility and by participating in various presentations, where he informed clients of the web-based tools provided by OMB.

  • Robert Mann, Nov 2013 (reported to Ryan at Executive Office of the President)

    Ryan has shown himself to be very knowledgeable of many different technologies and practices and is committed to finding the best solution for a given problem. He is willing to shoulder more responsibility to move the project and organization in the right direction. Perhaps most important is his accessibility. Whether work-related or not, I know that I can always approach him for insight into something I am working on.

  • Ephraim Feig, Oct 2013 (managed Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan was one of our Hardy-Apfel Fellows at Social Security. That, by itself, says a lot. He is smart, dedicated, fun and somebody you want close when confronting tough challenges. He can think broadly and dig deep into the details. I definitely enjoyed having him around at SSA.

  • Haffiz Momodu, Mar 2011 (worked with Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan is an exceptionally gifted individual complimented with a confident and composed demeanor. In my association with him, he is one of the most perceptive and forward-thinking technical professional I have come across. He is a natural leader whose skills encompass both the technical know how and managerial abilities. Since Ryan joined Social Security Administration (SSA) - he has been instrumental in planning, reengineering, and developing the Agency's strategic plans. He has worked in numerous complex and mission critical assignments such as strategizing and planning for the health IT initiatives, business process reengineering, and the development of the SSA long-term vision. Above all, he has a very pleasant disposition and energetic personality. I highly recommend him.

  • John Wan, Mar 2011 (worked with Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    I have the pleasure of knowing Ryan personally in several different capacities, and have always known him to be a confident and intelligent individual. His thirst for knowledge and the keen awareness of the latest technical trends and innovations is rare. I know that both his professional and scholastic experiences will make him an excellent resource for any organization.

  • Karen Palm, Mar 2011 (mentored Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan has a lot of experience working with executives and explaining very technical issues in ways they understand. His presentation skills to audiences of all levels are superb.

  • Sivasankar Kande, Mar 2011 (worked with Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    I worked with Ryan in the same group over two years. I have found him to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. He has been one of our most dedicated employees. Ryan is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. During his tenure here, he set an unprecedented record in applying the Health IT for streamlining the disability determiniation process. I highly recommend him.

  • Sonny Hashmi, Feb 2011 (attended the University of Maryland Innovation Management program with Ryan)

    I met Ryan while attending the University of Maryland - Masters Certificate in Innovation Management program. Ryan and I have stayed in touch since our time at UMD. I have found Ryan to be an exceptionally brilliant individual with a passion for making a positive difference through his work. Ryan is motivated and engaging and challenges his colleagues to think outside the box. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ryan and feel that he would make an excellent and highly valuable addition to any organization.

  • Carlson T, Feb 2011 (worked with Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan is an intelligent and dedicated professional. Something of a polymath, he is well-versed in a variety of subjects and proficient at many activities: mathematics, computing, systems engineering, Japanese culture and history, music, and more. His intense engagement in the problem at hand and his tendency to dig for the broader or deeper view makes him invaluable in problem solving sessions. When brainstorming, Ryan's many and varied ideas ensure a divergent collection of potential solutions. He is a proficient speaker and communicates well in writing. He is able to craft his language to audiences from front line individuals to academics to top-level executives. As an added benefit, Ryan is fun to work with and sure to lighten the atmosphere during crunch times. I highly recommend him for his work.

  • Steven Young, Feb 2011 (worked with Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan has an infectious enthusiastic attitude and a laser focus on strategic and innovative thinking. During my time in the Hardy-Apfel IT Fellows program, Ryan lead a program to bring individuals from the fellows program together with executive decision makers to present ideas and foster innovation. He carefully engineered a nurturing academic environment that encouraged the exploration of creative new ideas while providing a direct communications channel to C-level decision makers.

  • Jason Fichtner, Feb 2011 (managed Ryan at Social Security Administration)

    Ryan is a smart and dedicated professional with the ability to think creatively and constructively to solve large-scale IT challenges. The Social Security Administration has less than 10 slots per year for the prestigious Hardy-Apfel IT Fellowship. The program is designed to fill a gap in government information technology hiring by targeting the top IT schools in the country. Selected candidates are provided rotational leadership experiences throughout the Social Security Administration and have access to the Agency's upper-level executive leadership team. The candidates are selected based on their overall IT skills, ability to think differently and creatively about how to solve large-scale government information technology challenges, as well as demonstrate a commitment to service. Acting as the #2 official for the Agency, I was on the selection committee that offered Ryan a Fellowship. Ryan exhibits all of these characteristics and is an excellent IT professional. We developed a professional relationship that continues to this day. While Ryan will surely excel in any career path he chooses, I personally hope he stays in public service. The government needs people like Ryan Harvey.

  • Sharon Roushdy, Nov 2008 (worked with Ryan at University of Maryland)

    I am very happy to recommend Ryan. During the two years he worked for us as a GA, he was extremely capable and very motivated to learn, explore, and tackle every challenge given to him. In addition, he was dependable and, simply, lots of fun to work with.

  • James Tanis, Dec 2008 (attended University of Maryland PhD program with Ryan)

    Ryan is an expert computer scientist and is doing very interesting work for his PhD thesis on dimensionality reduction. He is also a talented teacher, which I know from first-hand experience. I am happy to recommend him for his graduate work.

  • Maria Calzada, Nov 2008 (taught Ryan at Loyola University New Orleans)

    Ryan was on top of the class. He is bright, engaged and hard working. His work was always first class. He is one of those people you do not hesitate to recommend for anything.